Sweese.jpegIt seems the terms ‘efficiency and durability’ are often two very important principles omitted from manufactured products these days.

With flimsy material and cheap plastics many products I used to rely on aren’t made the same way anymore.  Sweese is a company that has both efficiency and durability as their guiding principles in making their products.  Many of these products are made from a high-quality porcelain, which is resistant to chips and stains, while also being oven and dishwasher safe! Making these products built to last and saving you money in the long run.

Recently, I was asked to join the Ambassador Program with Sweese and by doing so I was able to pick from a list of products I would like to use and try. I chose the assorted color mugs, which I immediately put to the test!

Upon receiving my mugs, which came very well packaged, I directly put them right in the dishwasher.  I always like to see how dishes and cookware fare after running through the dishwasher.  I then made coffee and allowed my black coffee to sit in the mug for a few hours and guess what; no coffee stained line in the middle of the mug.

After making my delicious cabbage, potato, and leek soup I recently blogged on, I pulled out a container from the freezer and wanted to use these mugs for serving my soup…yep you guessed it, no stained lines in the middle of the mug.

After a few weeks testing this product, more so for myself I am sold on Sweese and the quality and durability they have in the production of their products! If you are looking for a great product to have or a perfect gift to give for the holidays you may want to check Sweese out!  You can purchase these products directly on their website http://www.sweese.com

Have a wonderful day friends!



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