Farm Finds Candle Company

Attachment-1What a crazy past couple of weeks, make that months it’s been, and I can’t believe we are half way through February of 2020!! In the craziness I was so fortunate to collaborate with Lesley the owner and maker of Farm Finds Candle Company.  Her unique spin on candles are not only one-of-a-kind and functional, but I promise that you will never look at an empty container the same way again.

She repurposes antique or vintage containers turning them into truly one-of-a-kind candles which not only smell absolutely like the real deal but she’s passionate about caring for the environment with her low waste lifestyle too.

How many of you have partially used candles or had to throw out your old candle containers because you were done burning your candles? With Lesley’s unique, patent pending 3-minute candle re-pour kit you can re-fill your candles changing the fragrances to your liking or keeping the same fragrance all year long…I mean GENIUS!! I love that I can literally look around at anything I have in my house and use it as a candle!

The other thing I love using in my house are wax melts or these little tarts. If everything smells like you want it all and can’t narrow down your list every purchase is eligible for 2 free sample tart melts all you have to do is let her know which two you would like!

You honestly cant go wrong check out her site

Have a wonderful day!




2 thoughts on “Farm Finds Candle Company”

    1. Hello Glenda, thank you so much for commenting. These candles are truly amazing and all of these scents from Farm Finds Candle Company are amazing. You would have to reach out the company and family who makes these wonderful smelling candles. I blogged about these candles because I was given some free samples if I promoted their candles and candle warmers.


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