Under the Sink Storage

I thought I had room under my sink before…yeah, NOT even close! The space I have now is pretty incredible! This two-tiered slide out under the sink organizer https://amzn.to/3Rph8hg is nothing short of amazing!!!

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Grain Free Pancakes

I love having nowhere to go and spending the whole day with my family. It’s on these type of days I like to experiment with morning breakfast favorites, along with other non-breakfast food items. So today, I’m sharing grain-free pancakes. I’m sure you’re probably wondering if I’m not using grain flour then how in the world am I going to make pancakes? Let alone pancakes that are fluffy, moist, and edible? I’m here to tell you it can be done, and I must say they turned out better than I originally thought!

The grain free ‘flour’ I use in place of even my gluten-free flour is none other than cassava flour. This flour can be replaced with any flour and can be used in a variety of any sweet or savory baked good recipes. Cassava is a vegetable root, that is peeled, dried, and eventually ground down to make flour. This flour can really be substituted for any type of flour in your favorite recipes. In fact, I just used this flour to bread some fish last week and it turned out light and delicious. Most stores carry a cassava flour brand. Personally, I have tried 3 separate brands and all the pancakes I made turned out excellent. I’ll let you know when I make chocolate chip cookies using cassava flour and report back!

I must confess, prior to making these pancakes, I never actually made pancakes…shocking I know! So, I really can’t tell you which ones taste better but if you’re looking at trying something new here you go. Sometimes adjusting old recipes to fit new lifestyle changes can be a lot of fun!

When mixing the few ingredients together, I combine both wet and dry ingredients together instead of separating them. And last step so my pancakes do not stick to the pan when their cooking, I like to spray a little avocado spray before placing the pancake mixture on the stove each time. You guys, that is it! Simple, quick and very easy breakfast! Happy Saturday!




-1 ½ c. Cassava Flour

-1 tbsp baking powder

-1 tsp salt

-1 tsp vanilla extract

-1 ¾ or 2 c. dairy-free milk or regular milk

-2 eggs (or egg replacer)

-11/2 tbsp to 2 tbsp butter alternative

-Maple Syrup

-Avocado Spray for the pan

-optional** any fruit; blueberries, shredded apple or chocolate chips


1.Mix dry ingredients; cassava flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl and stir together before adding wet ingredients.

2 Turn on stove and heat up pan you will be using to cook your pancakes. Spray a little avocado spray in pan.

3. Blend wet ingredients, eggs, butter alternative, and milk into bowl with dry ingredients. I also add fruit or chocolate chips (dairy free) here if you are adding these extras to your pancake mix.

4. Wait to flip pancake on the other side once the outer edge starts to crisp up.

5. Serve with Maple syrup and enjoy!





Farm Finds Candle Company

Attachment-1What a crazy past couple of weeks, make that months it’s been, and I can’t believe we are half way through February of 2020!! In the craziness I was so fortunate to collaborate with Lesley the owner and maker of Farm Finds Candle Company.  Her unique spin on candles are not only one-of-a-kind and functional, but I promise that you will never look at an empty container the same way again.

She repurposes antique or vintage containers turning them into truly one-of-a-kind candles which not only smell absolutely like the real deal but she’s passionate about caring for the environment with her low waste lifestyle too.

How many of you have partially used candles or had to throw out your old candle containers because you were done burning your candles? With Lesley’s unique, patent pending 3-minute candle re-pour kit you can re-fill your candles changing the fragrances to your liking or keeping the same fragrance all year long…I mean GENIUS!! I love that I can literally look around at anything I have in my house and use it as a candle!

The other thing I love using in my house are wax melts or these little tarts. If everything smells like you want it all and can’t narrow down your list every purchase is eligible for 2 free sample tart melts all you have to do is let her know which two you would like!

You honestly cant go wrong check out her site www.farmfindscandles.shop/

Have a wonderful day!