First Class Skincare with Paris Hilton

img_3425When I get the chance to try a new product, especially a product I love, I have to share it with everyone.  I started using Paris Hilton Skincare ProD.N.A. Lift and Firm Eye Cream every morning to rid myself of those pesky dark circles, and the results have been noticeable after only a few days!

This silky eye cream instantly absorbs into my skin and literally helped to depuff the delicate areas around my eyes.   Plus, what I loved most about this eye cream, is that it left my skin feeling hydrated without drying it out.  When the area under your eye isn’t properly hydrated it can really make applying makeup difficult resulting in the ugly and aged crepe paper affect.


A few of the active ingredients in this skincare line is GenoMatrix and Persian Silk Tree extract which help to target, heal, and firm skin preventing and warding off further skin damage around the delicate eye area. GenoMatrix is formulated from a microalgae enzyme primarily native to the Mediterranean Sea, which helps to boost your body’s own natural DNA repairing ability to help stop premature aging of fine lines and wrinkles.  This enzyme is like a support system for your skin helping to regenerate healthy new cells.

Some of the benefits from using the ProD.N.A. lift and firm eye cream are:

  • Hydrates the skin to brighten your complexion as well as help firm your skin.
  • Diminishes eye puffiness, discoloration and fatigue
  • Supports the skin’s cellular structure to help prevent new wrinkles
  • Repairs of skin damages by UV light, stress, and pollution

Plus, you can get 20% discount using the CODE: 1STCLASSCHALLENGE

Check out Paris Hilton’s site:



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