Happy 4th of July!!!


Are you hosting a fourth of July party?  If so, do you have a beverage station?

This year we won’t be hosting a 4th of July party instead we will be heading home visiting family and friends.

When I saw this serving container I couldn’t help myself and bought it.  Even though we won’t be using it for the fourth, there is always Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day or any day to use this patriotic serving container.

The size makes it versatile from little candies, nuts, or in this case beverage toppers for your adult and kid friendly drinks.  I wanted to show you guys the bottom of the container with the American Flag, the fireworks, and the stars subtly designed on the bottom before I would add my sliced, lemons, limes, orange wedges or whatever beverage topper.

Including a self-serving beverage station is easy for your guests to help themselves as often as they like. When the containers get low or run out slicing up lemons or limes is quick and easy to replenish the supply.

If you have great little helpers who want to help you out setting up or being responsible to keep an eye on the beverage station so the glasses and condiments do not run out this is a great way for them to feel like they are also helping you out and in charge of something to look after too.

I found these festive straws with the star pom poms at TJMaxx and the fabric from JoAnn Fabrics on clearance a few years ago.  My placemats were from Target but you can buy these indoor/outdoor placemats really anywhere.  It’s always so fun and so cute to see the final product of how the decorations all cohesively come together.  Plus, all of these little decoration ‘extras’ can make any party you host a little more special.

I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating our Nation’s birthday.  Thank you to all who have and are serving and protecting our Beautiful country.

Happy 4th of July!



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