Decorative Lanterns

PictureJust about every store I walk in has lanterns, lanterns, and more lanterns. Almost every home furnishing magazine also has the exact same design concept of using lanterns everywhere in the home. I think it may be safe to say that lanterns are a versatile decoration that can be displayed throughout the year for every season and just about every holiday! So basically, lanterns are my kind of decorative design!!

I also think it is safe to say when it comes to storage in your home, it too has its capacity. So it’s important to find décor that has these multi-functioning purposes especially if space is an issue. I will have a blog in the near future about organizing ideas and suggestions to help you stay decluttered!

I was lucky to find this lantern at Pottery Barn; plus I got it on sale, which is a huge Win!  

When I got it home I had some vague idea of what I wanted this lantern to look like, but was not sure where to look for the additional pieces. Store after store I looked for decorations as filler from Spanish moss, to regular moss, onto river rock, or even grapevine etc. you name it I thought about it.  I realized with the above-mentioned items how messy it would be to be digging out our vacuuming up any one of those items from Spring while trying to decorate this beautiful lantern for Christmas. I knew I needed something simple, easy, and functional.

So when I found this greenery that I could simply place on the bottom of the lantern with no pieces or residue falling off I knew this was it.  I added a battery operated candle for some height and Bellissimo!

When decorating bigger pieces, like this lantern, simple is always better.  I certainly did not want to take away from the actual lantern itself, I just wanted to add some warmth with decorations that complemented it not competed with the overall structure.  I think the final conglomeration looks better than even I had expected and if my husband says ‘Honey, the lantern looks really nice. I like the way you decorated it,” then it must be noticeably good!

If you have a decorative piece in your home and want to spruce it up go for it!  It’s actually quite surprising how different a room can look when you change a few pieces with items you already have in your home!

Happy Decorating and Spring Cleaning!

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