Fall is Coming!!!

IMG_3664.jpgFall is coming!!!  When school starts I have my Fall décor up and ready.  Many people, okay really my mom is the only one, who asks ‘You put fall decorations up in August?’ And yes, yes I do because by the end of October my Christmas tree is up and I celebrate Christmas as a season not just as a Holiday.  My theory is…If Hallmark can start so can I!

It’s not that I want rush away one beautiful season into the next I just very much appreciate and quite frankly, LOVE that I have always lived in an area of the US that actually experiences 4 seasons.  I absolutely love what each season has to offer.  To be completely honest, I do not think I could ever live in an area that has one maybe two seasons…I just enjoy too much what each season offers and represents and I believe it keeps me grounded.


I am definitely ready for those crisp fall days, weekends for Penn State football, and having my windows open allowing for any  cool fall breeze to come in.  After awhile, between air conditioning and having the heat on, I need to open up the windows and let nature in and air out the stillness.

Out of all of the seasons there has always been something uniquely hopeful perhaps even  magical about the anticipation of fall which in turn gets me very VERY excited for Christmas.  The change in temperature is preparing us for the next season.

When I buy decorations for any season for my home I try to buy an item that is timeless and something I won’t get sick of my the following year or two.   I love adding the pops of pumpkin orange and sunflower golden yellow to any room.  It adds an additional warmth without going overboard.


These adorable wooden pumpkins and candy corn were made in a shop back in my hometown but my husband, who can make and do pretty much anything of which I am so grateful he is amazing at what he is able to do, has also made me similar pieces including other decorations for other special holidays.


I am also, redecorating my 3-tiered serving tray I got at Kirklands and again this is just me using the same piece throughout the year.  Practical and functional.IMG_3637

Every year when I am shopping and going in and out of stores it always amazes me of just how much stuff there is in general…not to mention the very cute seasonal decorations per year, per every store.  That is a lot of stuff.  Which is why I oftentimes try to buy decorations or anything else really, to buy a timeless and functional piece.  If I have doubt or hesitation or if I feel like I’m trying to sell it to myself then I will not buy it.  Otherwise I would have to add on to our house for just storage for my decorations for each season and holiday.  Um no thank you…I can not stand clutter.

I wrote a blog several months ago about decluttering and organizing your home and it’s still very much applies to all things home.  From going through clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and of course decorations.  This year was no different.  My supply of Fall harvest décor really isn’t that large or extensive but I knew I had a few items I wasn’t using and really was kind of over displaying.  So what better time to go through and purge those items while I’m decorating for a new season.  That way you are know what you want and you know what you can set aside in a pile to sale, donate or throw away.

I hope you all are in the spirit of preparing for all things Fall, pumpkins, Cooler weather, campfires,  apples and cinnamon, and watching nature’s beauty during this glorious time of the year.



Happy Decorating!




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