Namaste Muffin and Scone Mix

PictureWhen I find foods that are healthy, free from the top allergens, very easy to prepare, and most of all delicious I have to share with my family and friends!!!

Now, I have made my version of gluten-free blueberry muffins and they too are good, but when a company has literally taken the guesswork out for you then I am super stoked and even more thrilled to share. Why? You might ask… Because within gluten-free cooking and especially baking, you really must have the right conversions of regular flour to gluten-free flour making the baking process all the more ‘intricately specific.’

I am beyond grateful to Namaste Foods for their attention to detail, concern, and their company’s mission to help alleviate the burden for those suffering with any food related issue. These products have been truly an amazing find and because of that I am more than happy to be sharing them with you!

*Box of Namaste muffin and scone mix
*1-1.5 cup of Blueberries

1.) Simply follow the directions on the box


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