Staying Hydrated…..with a Celery, Banana, and Coconut Water Smoothie!!!

PictureIf you are at the beach, taking a hike, or lounging at the pool hydration and staying hydrated is crucial for your health. Did you know that when you’re ‘dying of thirst’ you are already experiencing a form of dehydration?  Staying hydrating can be a daunting task for some people because of the “boring” water they feel compelled to drink.  Although, water is one of your best sources of re-hydrating yourself you can make the water tasteful by adding hydrating fruit and vegetables to your plain water. From adding lemons to strawberries or cucumbers you can really make the water you drink a fun festive flavor that makes drinking your daily intake of water a less cumbersome chore.

If you want to try another hydrating drink that kicks up the flavor to the next level than you’re going to need your blender.  The next drink that I have been making for a few weeks now is my celery, banana and coconut water blend!  That’s right you’re gonna be drinking celery!

This particular version of ingredients has been used in various combinations in smoothies and seems to be one of the most hydrating for your health.  If you do not like to chew your drinks no worries just strain the pulp and drink.  I find throwing out perfectly edible pureed celery hard to do so I generally leave it and enjoy my hydrating drink on the go, after a workout, or when I’m simply sitting down enjoying a good book.

I have only recently started incorporating coconut water and I must say it too, is an acquired taste but when you blend it with other ingredients: strawberries, banana, or even kiwi it alters the taste to something more familiar.



  • 1-2 Bananas
  • 3-4 celery stalks
  • 1 8 oz coconut water

Blend all the ingredients until smooth
(Optional you can also add fruit and vegetables of your choice in addition to these ingredients.)

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