Namaste Organic Devil’s Food Cake Mix

PictureNamaste Foods ( is quickly becoming one of my go-to companies for all things food!! This company makes products which are free of the top 8 allergens, made in a 100% dedicated gluten and allergen-free facility, and most importantly still tastes like the food I have omitted over the years.

I am beyond excited to be collaborating with this AMAZING Company.

I made the Organic Devil’s Food Cake Mix but decided to make cupcakes instead of the cake. These cupcakes not only came out beautifully but they were perfectly delicious and almost too good to eat! I also decided not to make any frosting for my cupcakes but instead I wanted to slice up some sweet strawberries as my cupcake topper.

If you are curious about trying out this particular mix you WILL NOT be disappointed. I have to say even my husband, who calls himself a super “taster” who is very particular with textures, flavors and consistencies literally had no idea these cupcakes were Gluten-Free! He’s always my guinea pig and lucky for him he comes out enjoying the new cleaner and healthier ways of eating old food favorites.

I hope you try out this Organic Devil’s Cake Mix and other amazing products at and stay tuned for a Namaste Giveaway!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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