Baby Nursery!

Attachment-1 - Copy (27)Hello friends! I hope all is well with everyone! I apologize it has been way too long since my last blog. At any rate, I’m so happy that the temperatures are finally changing the birds are chirping, the grass is that beautiful spring green, and flowers are in full bloom!!!

My precious Angel is 3 months old and I CAN NOT believe how fast she is growing and changing. It really is remarkable! Time certainly is flying by and I am trying to capture and take in as much as I can. I realize this blog may be a bit late but today is all about her nursery and the color pattern I chose for her room. How many of you find a color pattern you like and think okay this is what I am going to go with only to find out weeks or months later that maybe you would have designed it differently? Well, I can say that this is not one of those instances. I just love her nursery and the colors I decided on and I am happy to report back to you all that I LOVE it!!! Rosé Pink, Champagne Gold, and silvery gray are colors that are timeless in their own rite.

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My inspiration piece was my floor lamp I purchased from Kirkland’s awhile back, even before I was pregnant. This piece was not only my inspiration for the nursery but also for Ava’s baby shower back in December.  This piece had the champagne gold and silvery gray perfectly intertwined which became the colors I wanted as my base colors for the nursery. My husband painted the walls a ‘Basalt Powder’ light gray from Lowe’s which I just absolutely love. I found that a lighter paint, especially shades of whites and grays are perfect to paint over or keep in the future especially when it comes time to change or transition her nursery into a big girl room.  But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet, I want to soak in these baby days of my sweet little angel pie.

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Since I had the gold tone and gray tones covered, I wanted a third color of pink, but not just any pink, but a subtle elegant rosé or blush pink to blend with the other two colors. It brings in that third element of whimsy I wanted in her room. My bedding is from Sweet Jo Jo, and I choose the blush pink and gold polka dots pattern to mesh and fuse the three colors together! Plus, this bedding blended perfectly with the light gray walls and the white-cream colored crib.

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As for the crib, dresser, and changing table I just adore so much because it’s the color I didn’t know at the time I wanted.  We found this set almost immediately, after realizing the initial nursery furniture we thought we wanted was WAY too dark. Originally, we thought we wanted a gray color crib set, but when we saw the actual crib, dresser, and changing table the colors were way TOO dark for the nursery. Which if you can, seeing a display of the furniture before you buy it really helped us in knowing what to expect as well as making our final decision.  At that point, I knew I wanted a white or off-white crib set and thankfully we found this beautiful and sturdy crib set at Costco and we got it for an incredible deal which made it even better!!

The electric recliner was also from Costco because it was COMFORTABLE!!! Friends and family all told us to find a chair that would be comfortable for those long sleepless nights. Well they weren’t kidding either. This recliner has paid for itself in comfort alone and I will say even though you hear what your family is telling you at the time about this and that for the baby you don’t always take heed and do what they’re saying.  Or 9 times out of 10 you honestly forget the advice from your well intentioned family members because this moment you are  experiencing is all brand new and you have a lot of information coming at you that sometimes the most well intended advice can certainly get lost in the shuffle. But, this advice about having a comfortable chair in the nursery didn’t escape either one of us.  This rocking recliner is extremely comfortable and is a must have in the nursery second to the crib…of course!

The floor rug I found at Ross department stores and I must say that I do have a few other sheepskin rugs and NONE of them are as thick and cushiony as this one. By far the softest rug I have ever purchased.  The backing of the rug is very well padded which makes it very comfortable to stand on.  Not only was this rug probably the cheapest rug I have ever bought, but it’s been able to stand the test of running the vacuum over and over it without ruining it.  This rug brings in a softer texture to the wood floors my husband put in her nursery, by grounding the room together with a bit of feminine whimsy and warmth.

As for the other decorations in the room, they are either from family and friends, or things I already had bought but were in a different room serving little to no purpose.

I will say that my husband is still planning on putting up metal floating shelves on the wall to store and display her book collection. But that is it. Her nursery is complete and we both love it. I may decide to add a bit more colorful pictures on the wall when she gets a bit bigger. That way she will have something colorful to look to focus on and explore.  Besides that, we were both quite pleased with how it all came together and eventually turned out.

I promise I won’t take this long to write my next blog! Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful week!




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