O’ Balsam Hill Christmas Tree!

O’ Christmas Tree…O’ Christmas Tree, how steadfast are your branches?

We all have a favorite pastime, and in some instances we may even have a few pastimes even if they only happen once or twice throughout the year. One of mine is Christmas and everything that IS Christmas. For me it’s been such a heartfelt passion for as long as I can remember and when you are passionate about anything it’s very evident to those around you.

I truly love decorating for Christmas whether it’s our main Christmas tree or our several smaller pencils trees each showcasing a different but unique theme. Each tree has specific ornaments I use to display from my personal collection since we got married.

This love of all things Christmas doesn’t just stop at my house, rather it continues on with my Mom’s Christmas tree and decorations too!  By Thanksgiving, if not before, I will already have put up and decorated my mom’s tree even if it’s sooner than even she would like it to be.   It eliminates one more ‘item’ off of her ‘to do list’.

In addition to my mom’s tree, I have helped my mother-in-law decorate her tree on several occasions, because she knows that it’s not a chore for me but rather a heart-felt passion.

This year we purchased a new Christmas tree, a Balsam Hill Christmas Tree and let me tell you…WOW! As a ‘Christmas Connoisseur,’ they are truly the very BEST at what they do. If you are looking for a tree that is as real as ‘physically going into the woods to cut one down ‘Clark Griswold Style’, then Balsam Hill is the company for you.

My mom and sister both have had Balsam Hill trees for several years and marvel at their realistic look, exceptional quality, and attention to detail. Each Christmas tree branch is carefully made to look real using their true needle ultra-realistic foliage to replicate nature’s design.  You have the option to choose a tree that has only clear lights or a tree with the combination of clear and colored lights to give any home a festive pop of beautiful Christmas tidings. So when the time came to upgrade our tree it would only make sense to purchase a tree from the company that LOVES Christmas as much as I do!!!

You will certainly NOT go wrong with Balsam Hill.  They say ‘delight is in the details’ and it certainly is.  With Balsam Hill, you can have it all.  I can’t wait for the festivities to begin!!

May this Christmas season bring you all the joy, peace, and love the whole year through.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!



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