The Best Scented Candles for EVERY SEASON!

With fall now officially in full gear, I believe, one of the most essential components of adding fIMG_3869all to your home is to bring the sights and smells from outside in.  There is no better way to do this than through burning a candle.  I have recently had the opportunity to try these candles from the 320 Sycamore Candle Company, and these candles are everything and more  to help transform your home through scent!

These candles are individually hand poured pure soy candles with 100% pure cotton wicks with no zinc resulting in less smoke and black soot.

These soy candles do not contain paraffins or any other additives, and since soy candles burn twice as long as other wax candles you know you are burning a clean candle in your home!!!

Right now the fall scents are on full display and when I tell you these candles smell like the real thing. The blackberry plum is such a unique blend that I knew I had to try it for myself and it’s a scent that can be enjoyed throughout the year.  Whether you are preparing for a Fourth of July party or decorating your Christmas tree this scent is truly universal!

Now, I love coffee, but I especially love candles that smell like coffee.  The espresso latte candle, smells like a real expresso coffee waiting for you to drink.  When candles smell and burn like the actual product you know they’re great candles.  I have been duped in the past with other candles claiming to be a specific flavor and trust me they were not.  Also, when candles are burning permeating throughout your house you want it to be warm and inviting not nauseating and suffocating.


You can immediately see the pride this company has in their products, by the way these candles arrived at my house.  320 Sycamore Candles come very well secured in the mail and you know there was extra precaution taken to ensure your products arrive safely.  The other great thing about these candles are the various sizes you can choose from with unique scents that change with the seasons to keep the scents fresh and really fun!

You can check out these amazing candles on Etsy and see for yourself! Shop 320 Sycamore Candles

These also make perfect gift-giving ideas this holiday season.

Happy Fall!



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