Trays, Trays, and More Trays

PictureOh my goodness, I am thrilled to be sharing my amazing find at Kirkland’s I recently purchased. If you are up to date with certain decorating trends you honestly can’t help but notice most people have somewhere displayed in a room; trays, trays, and more trays used mainly for decorative purposes rather than serving food or drinks.

Trays vary from colors, materials, textures and even height but all of them are unique and specific to your design. When decorating for any occasion I like to find items that are not only timeless pieces but actually effective at displaying what I want it to. This 3-tired tray can literally be used throughout the entire year and decorated according to the holiday or function!!! Trays are used for almost everything. You name it a tray can take care of it…okay well not everything!

I have been on the lookout for a tiered tray for almost a year but I knew exactly what I wanted and I knew roughly what I was willing to pay for it especially since I knew my husband could make me exactly what I wanted. Which at this point many of you are probably wondering “Well why didn’t he just make you one.” Because he’s very busy with his job and has other projects he’s already working on for me. Adding another project to a perfectionist’s long list can be daunting.

Despite having my Easter and Spring decorations on it now you can see how this piece can really go anywhere in your house. Truly a versatile piece! I’m loving the idea that this could be used to display smaller sized positive quotes with some pops of color accented with a fabric to bring in additional texture. Displaying a tray of sweet treats for a bridal or baby shower would totally be adorable for your guests. Guys, as you can see the possibilities are endless for every holiday, every season or every occasion!

Have a great day and Happy Easter!!

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