Sneak Peak from my office view

PictureFinding ways to brighten up a room can take some time especially when you have a particular color in mind. Mint… has to be one of my favorite colors because it just makes me smile and can really go with anything.

For my office space, I wanted it to be light and bright. However, I also wanted my office to be tranquil but not so tranquil that I would fall asleep rather be inspired and motivated in getting work done. After all, this is my personal oasis, where I want to be able to walk in and be as productive and focused as possible. Color patterns and organization is vital for me.

I love finding functional pieces for any space but for my office, everything has a “home” or it goes. No clutter, no mess, and no junk shoved in an unnecessary corner. My lampshade was a labor of love that literally took me 14 months to find. I did, however, find this beauty at TJ Maxx and used this as my inspiration piece to add this pop of color throughout my office. I liked the mercury glass lamp because it not only reflects light from outside but it also reflects light from the bulb which, adds another dimension of color and light when I am working. I also found these garden pedestals at Hobby Lobby that I used to give a bit more height to my lamp so this space opposite my desk was a bit brighter.

My side table is from Safavieh, as well as some other items and furniture in my office (not pictured) also from this amazing company! Just the quality, Safavieh brings in their designs, and the paint color is truly a step above!

Thank goodness for my diffuser…is all I am going to say. Just because I may be working from home does not mean I am at all immune from getting sick, so having my diffuser nearby has been a life-saver and an immune booster throughout the entire year, but more specifically during this horrible, HORRIBLE cold and flu season.

I usually like to have different blends during the year, but for this particularly sick season, I have stayed with Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender, and Orange. Each essential oil has their benefits, for health but I also found that I like the subtle hint of peppermint in the air mixed with the Eucalyptus oil.

I used to buy essential oils specifically made for: winter, immune support or whatever but I like creating my own blended mixture from my own stash of oils I have accumulated, where I can add as many or as few drops of particular oils as I want. I will caution you though, not all oils are created equal so look for high quality oils and you will use far fewer drops in your diffuser.

So that’s it friends! I hope you enjoyed seeing a peek at my one of my home inspiration spots!

Have a great day and stay healthy!!

*Disclaimer I am not paid for any of the above companies for sponsoring their name, or company in my blog

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