Garnier Fructis Hydrating Hair Mask

garnier-fruictis-hair-mask.jpgWho doesn’t absolutely love trying out new products…especially complimentary products from Garnier USA that can help restore my hair during this time of the year?  You may be someone who also falls into one or maybe two or even all the following categories:

1.  Dull hair
2.  Hair is lifeless and lacking volume
3. Hair is completely dried out not to mention brittle
4. Hair is overly processed and damaged beyond any kind of repair

Then, I have found a great solution for you to try!!!

Garnier’s Hydrating hair mask not only has been a total game changer in giving my hair an additional color boost, yes I said color boost as if I just left the salon, but it seemed to reverse the dried out damage ends in about 1 treatment, AND by the way smells amazing as an added benefit!

This hair mask is definitely a ‘must use before any gathering or function’ you have coming up!  This is the type of product I know I will continue to use and not just during those cold sub-zero temperatures but also during the crazy hazy, hot and humid summer months too!   Just like during the cold winter months can cause some major damage to your hair, so can spending an entire day at the beach or a few hours out by the pool can also weaken and damage your hair just the same.

It is probably safe to say at any point throughout the year from season-to-season your hair is being put to the test from every fashion and beauty angle.  So now you have one very powerful defense tool in your arsenal to help protect and restore your hair by using Garnier Fructis Hair Mask to help your hair truly look and feel its very best!

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