How to make a Candy Corn accent piece using only buttons and a picture frame!!

PictureWho doesn’t love a unique, one-of-a-kind, homemade craft? Don’t get me wrong I also love buying decorations already done too. But, this easy and super cute craft can be fun to add a little bit of whimsy in your home. Plus, it’s something that your little ones can also help out and participate with you as well!

Like so many of you who doesn’t love Pinterest? Well, not being a super crafty person myself, I always love finding the crafts that are easy, simple, and aren’t messy! I love glitter but, glitter is the gift that keeps on giving year round and I don’t always like having it everywhere! When I found a version of this craft I knew I could make it literally in one day and be done. Again, thiswas another bonus for me especially when I begin any crafting project.

Naturally, I always deviate from any and all directions because:

1. I either don’t have the material listed and I just want to start the project.
2. I like to change it up and make it even more unique.

I first decided on the pattern I wanted and I knew my current decorations for Fall are Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins, I opted for more of a Halloween design and decided on using the candy cane pattern because I wanted to add an additional pop of brightness to my room and it just looked too darn cute not to incorporate.

I found a pattern I wanted, printed it out and finally cut the pattern out leaving more of a bubble look. What made me decide on this particular craft was the extra picture frames I had with no pictures in them and so the craft began.

I then very lightly traced the pattern on the hard backing from the picture frame to allow me to see if the pattern actually looked right and to see if I evenly placed the pattern on the backing. The original design was to use burlap and then trace the pattern on the burlap…that would have also looked really cute, but would have taken too long to do.

After I traced the pattern, which looked fairly even and symmetrical, I located my craft paint and started painting the white, yellow and orange on the hard backing of the original picture frame. Why would I paint the background color of the candy cane pattern? I did this because I wanted the background color to match the button color with no brown showing once the project was done.

After, the paint dried it was time to add the buttons with Mod-Podge. Can I just say how much I really love Mod-Podge…I mean this stuff is amazing not only does it dry clear but it literally is a necessity for all craft projects!!!

I arranged my buttons and coated the bottom of each button with mod-Podge and then placed the buttons on the painted color it paired with. Once the base or bottom layer was complete I then started layering each section of the candy cane with additional bottoms to give the craft more volume and depth.

I allowed a few hours for it to dry and that was it!

I hope you all have fun making this project and I would love to see pictures!!!

1 Picture frame
Craft Paint; white, yellow, orange
Buttons; Various sized; white, yellow, orange

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