Caprese Salad-Tomato, Avocado, and Basil

When it comes to summer I think of Italy, Basil, Sun-ripened Tomatoes, and Lemons!  I can’t help it…it’s in my blood!  With Summer unofficially coming to a close over the Labor Day weekend I wanted a last summer-y salad to share before September 22, which is the official first day of fall. 

I will say this: this salad is something you can LITERALLY eat all year long but, when you think of Caprese salads you usually think of warmer weather.

Tomatoes are in season right now and this is another option of getting your vegetables in your diet with a twist.  Instead of using the traditional Mozzarella du Buffalo cheese (mozzarella balls) I swapped the cheese for fresh, creamy avocado with chopped fresh basil and red onion to give the Caprese Salad an additional pop of color!

This super quick and very easy side can be used as a salad or an appetizer!  This is a healthy, easy and always delicious twist to your typical Caprese salad.


  • 2 Regular Tomatoes (adjust depending on occasion)
  • 1/4 Red Onion
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1/4 c. Fresh Basil Leaves

**Optional**You can add lemon/olive herb oil dressing


  1. Slice Tomatoes, Avacado similar in bite-sizes
  2. Chop Onion and Basil for garnish


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