Spring has Sprung: It’s time to Organize, De-Cutter, and Purge your Home!

Spring-time is when Spring-cleaning your home is in full force! For me, I must confess, I spring clean all year round. So really, I’m a clean freak who actually enjoys cleaning and purging unused items and just getting rid of plain old crap that’s simply collecting dust!As I mentioned in a previous post on decorative lanterns, I promised that I would be blogging on ideas and suggestion to organize and de-clutter your home. Well friends, the time has come because TODAY I am sharing with you tips on how to Organize, De-Clutter, and Purge your home of crap!

When you are spring cleaning and sorting through the piles of items from clothes to jewelry or just everyday items. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have I actually used/worn this?
  2. When was the last time I used this?
  3. Seriously, will I ever use this?

It may seem silly but honestly it works. Everyday items aside from decorations should really have a place and if it does not have a place in your home then you must ask yourself ‘why, am I keeping this?’ Most of the time the reason people accrue ‘things’ is generally due to an emotional attachment.

Other times the ‘things’ are just things. Junk can pile up over night and before you know it the clutter becomes too overwhelming. It’s often much easier to just shut the door to that spare room or junk closet even though you had all the right intentions to organize and go through, than to face it and actually do it.

So my advice is to start small.

What does that look like? Well, instead of tackling your entire attic or basement start with a section of a room or office. Or start by going through one drawer of your dresser at a time. If it’s your closet you need the most help than partition it off and only attack that space and only move on when that portioned section is finished.

For example: I have a bookcase in my office but I only use this bookcase and honestly our two other bookcases for the same purpose, to display the decorative books I have bought or that were given to me. My role of thumb is to only display the books horizontally on one side of the shelf while leaving the other side of the shelf open for a decorative basket or candle. By doing this small display you are organizing the books from largest on the bottom to the smaller books on top in a pyramid concept but your are not overwhelming your office space with clutter. Now, the purpose of utilizing baskets on the shelf next to the books is for those little knick-knacks or items you just can not part with and that is OKAY, we all have those items. The baskets are perfect for this to 1.) place these items in a designated area together 2.) taking these small items off of shelves immediately de-clutters any room 3.) the baskets just ground as well as balance the look and feel of the bookcase in a room.

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