What is Your Morning Beauty Routine?

Many of us have our morning rituals and if that schedule somehow is affected it ruins our entire day. Okay, well maybe that’s a little dramatic but I think you all can relate to me. Simply put, we are creatures of habit.About a year ago I was searching for a shampoo that was safe and effective. I knew I wanted a product that would moisturize and add volume, a product that did not have harsh and toxic chemicals, and a product that would not further damage my hair and leave it flat and frizzy.

Was that too much to ask?!?!k here to edit.

At last, I found Alba Botanica. This shampoo met all of my criteria. I can not say enough GREAT things about Alba Botanical Hawaiian Shampoo.First of all who doesn’t LOVE coconut let’s just get that out there, well unless you don’t, then I apologize!

​My hair felt better after about a week of using my amazing new find. I could physically see that my hair looked nourished. I was delighted, my hair didn’t go flat by the afternoon nor did it get frizzy half way through the day.

Naturally, if I like one product from a company and I feel like it has helped me then I will have a strong affinity toward the companies’ other products; the halo effect.

I have tried two variations of the microbead body wash; Grapefruit and Expresso & Coffee Bean. Aside from the distinct differences in smells, both are amazing at noticeably removing the dried skin from my body.
I have noticed that my legs and back have really benefited from the use of my Alba Botanical. When I apply lotion after my shower, the lotion actually absorbs into my skin rather than just lying on the surface and not actually penetrating.
These Alba Botanical products have been a wonderful find and swear by them for my morning routine!
For me, the Acne Dote face and body scrub are also a wonderful product. I only use it for my face, but love that the little micro beads (yes they are safe for the environment) leave my face feeling cleaner, smoother and less dry. The beads sweep the dry skin and make-up off my face. I noticed that when I am applying my daily face cream it absorbs even better. 

When I use Alba Botanical Acne Dote to take my makeup off, I really feel that the makeup is off my skin and my face can breathe again.

Let me know if you have tried these products and are equally as obsessed with this company as I am!!  Cheers!


2 thoughts on “What is Your Morning Beauty Routine?”

    1. Hi Debbie!! Thanks for asking!!! ? I actually bought mine at both Target and Walmart. You can also buy Alba Botanica online through Amazon and believe it or not at TJMaxx and Marshals!!?


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