Valentine’s Day Craft!

Hello friends!

Hope you all are doing well! As you all know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I wanted to share this fun and really easy craft project that you can do in literally less than an hour. Unless, you have little ones then it may be a bit longer.

This craft project was less than $5 to make!

So I had a few picture frames in my craft room box and really wanted to make something cute and functional that can be displayed beyond say Valentine’s Day. Using a few bags of river rock left over from our wedding and thought this might be the look I’m trying to get. So here it is!


  1. 1 bag of river rock
  2. 1 bottle of mod podge
  3. 1 picture frame
  4. White paint (optional)


  1. I removed the glass from the picture frame, (I hope to use this for a later project,) and painted the hard cardboard in the frame a distressed white. I let it dry completely. Now, paint the bakround white or any color (you could even paint the background of the heart a different color too it depends on the look you are going for). I wanted my heart picture to look rustic.
  2. I lightly traced a heart shape so that I was about to get the heart shape I wanted. I actually dipped each one of the rocks in the mod podge because I really wanted the rocks to stick to the paint and not fall off…like ever. In this step if you go outside of the lightly traced line that is fine. The rocks edges can give the heart edge a rugged look that doesn’t look like a perfect heart.
  3. Once I completed the heart with the river rocks I lightly brushed mod podge over the entire heart because it will keep everything in place. Plus, mod podge will dry clear!
  4. I finally placed the dried cardboard with the heart river rock back in the picture frame and viola!

I hope you have fun making this heart that can be placed in your home for Valentine’s Day and beyond!

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