Decorating after Christmas…

Decorating after any holiday is generally pretty easy but decorating after the Christmas Holiday can be very difficult, bland and rather depressing.

Personally, the ambiance from the festive lights bring such a cozy feeling of warmth and helps to lighten those dark corners and hallways, it makes it hard to find anything to fill that dark void. The candle light glow can brighten the darkest of winter days or brighten your mood.

When Christmas is over and the decorations come down what can you do to fill the emptiness?

I would be willing to guess that most people have accumulated a basket or two or even a wooden crate over the years. If you can locate this gem you are in luck! These tossed aside items are great to use in your living room, hallway, and entryway to soften main rooms and even the outer edges in your home.

I have a stock pile of baskets, and I’m not kidding, but I have purposes for most of them. This basket was originally bought to hold the odds and ends of the living room “things” from iPad cords, to phone chargers to magazines. But I had another idea for this diamond in the rough. The height of the basket sold me on where I was going to place it in my house.

For this project, I honestly used Christmas decorations that I was not using. I placed and arranged my left over greens and added a darker pop of color with the berries and voila! The merlot red berries were also left over Christmas decorations and so this Hodge Podge of items turned into something festive and cheery to carry my spirits through the winter months! I also used a smaller strand of lights versus a larger one because I did not want to overpower the basket but rather I wanted to soften the look of the room.


Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2017!

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